Use water Malish

for preparing mixes


Water «Malysh» from the first days of life

The non-carbonated water intended for the preparation of the children’s nutrition and drinking, for infants and young children. It is...


Water Malysh for children from the first days zhyttya- designed to prepare baby food and drink for infants and young children

  • - Water Malysh produced in an ecologically clean region Poltava region of the hole depth of 175 meters, involving innovative automatic bottling line.

  • - This water is recommended baby the first days of life and future mothers (because baby is formed and developed in the tummy).

  • - Water Malysh has a low mineral content and reduced salt content limits the load on the heart and kidneys of the child.

  • - The optimal amount of minerals form the musculoskeletal system child's body.

  • - Does not require boiling before use during the day.

  • - Meets international safety management system and quality of food - HACCP and ISO.

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