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Child development from 7- 12 months

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The child turns over from abdomen on the back easily, can move, shifting the hands and sometimes creeping. The baby is sitting persistently on the mother’s hand, but the most kids can not still sit up without assistance.
Don’t worry – the child will master these skills as soon as the muscles of the back and vertebral column gain the necessary strength. Don’t rush the things! Seat the baby, holding the body by pillows from all sides. The child takes easily the toy from different positions, shifting from one hand to another, can pick up if dropped. If we support the child by the hands, he stands up and tries to stride with small steps. Your baby starts to babble – or says separate syllables «na», «ma», «ba». Now the child is coming in the so-called period of imitation – that is why be attentive to your behavior in the presence of your child, then not to be astonished «where from and what is came». The baby is very interested in the outside world, starting to catch the mood of loved ones. To the end of 7 month the middle weight of child – 7970-8770 g and stature – 66-68 cm;
•the child takes the toys freely and plays them for a long time, shifting from one hand to another;
is engaged in his own hands and legs, can move in the playpen, sometimes crawl up to that thing which interested him;
• take any small items deftly;
• turns over not only from the back to abdomen, but also back, pronounces the sounds, similar to the syllables; • sits persistently on the parents’ hands;
• good coordination of the muscles of the eyeballs: baby looks at this or that object for a long time, keeps track the people;
• changes the look and returns to where it attracts something, can capture the mood of adults; • hears and repeats own sounds, imitates foreign;
• loud and shrill laughs, rejoices
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