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Child development from 12+ months

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The baby starts to walk without assistance, squats and become straight without support, bending, can pick up the item from the floor. Realize the learning actions with the toys. Can transfer the actions, learning with one item for another. For example, learned to feed the doll, he does this action successfully with you and others toys.
The baby learns actively the language. The disyllabic words appear in his vocabulary (about 10 words). Your child can perform the simplest orders! «Bring», «Give back», «Find» – these words must be regular visitors to communicate with your child. At the end of 12 month: • The eleventh month of the life - original boundary of the physical development of children. Currently, their body weight in three times more than at birth.
• The child already aspires to stand without assistance and stride with normal steps, if holding him by the hands.
• Sometimes, at this age, he is trying to move without assistance, holding a special device for the walk, stool or pushing a chair. The child slips on his stomach off the couch, lifted up the slanted flatness or stairs. He is not always crying when he falls.
• The coordination of finger movements improves noticeably.
• The actions of the child complicate: he put on and take off the rings of pyramid.
• He likes to open and close the box, put something in them to remove the contents, crumple and tear the paper, he already finds and gives the toy.
• Is able to connect the names of objects with the city of their lives: a bird - in the sky, the worm - in the ground;
•At this age the baby can concentrate his attention for 5-10 minutes. But this skill needs to develop. One of the conditions - respect for the lessons of the little man. If the child interested himself in something, it is better not to disturb him. But if the child does not know what to do, then you have to help him.
• At about 11 months, he begins to speak his first words, although some children say it already clearly at 9 months, and some are silent until a year or more.
• Know the names of loved ones, he says the first two-syllable word «mom», «dad», «woman». The order of their learning depends on who of the adults pay more attention to the child.
• read with pleasure, leafing through the pages of books.
• The child has developed enough to ask for a pot.
• Bedtime reduced slightly. At night, the baby sleeps up to 12 hours, without a break, and during the day - about 2 hours.
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