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Child development from 0-4 months

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The development of child from 0 month First month of the life is very important for you as the young mother and for your child. This period can be called as the period of adaptation of the child to the environment and develop of new habits, lay the foundation of all aspects of the health, which will depend all further life.
To the end of the first month: the middleweight of baby is 3800-3900 g, stature – 50-52 cm;
• sees well the bright and large things and pictures, but still can’t focus the eyes on the small things ;
• keeps track any movement or object, if it is in 15-25,5 cm from the face, the stare can be focus on your face at the time of feeding;
• reacts to sound, turns his head the sound source, keeps track it.
• can distinguish the voice of the parents of the other voices;
• has a well-developed sense of smell and taste;
• movement is involuntary, reflexive;
• straightens the arms and legs, the fingers diverge on them. Lying on the back or on the side, baby often cuddle the handle to the body, clenches and unclenches fists.
The child still continues to grow and although he does it more slowly than in the previous months, the growth and development of the child are still very high. To the end of the fourth month the mass of child increases at the average of 750-800 grams, head circumference becomes bigger on 1-1, 5 cm, and the breast – 1, 5-2 cm. The linear growth of child augments at the average of 2, 5 cm. The analytical centers of the brain and all nervous system develop diligently – to verify the validity of this statement, it is suffice to compare the skills of baby of 4 months with the skills of the baby of 3 months.
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