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For your kids

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Milk and cereal based dry formula with corn flour

The product of feeding up from 4 months

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Baby club

Dear parents! Welcome to our club! We are very pleased to welcome you! Here you can find tips on how to teach a child, for example, to draw, to go to sleep on their own, and so on... Ask the pediatrician, to participate in promotion. Remember, every day is unique and we want you to not miss any of your child's life!
Friday, 11 March 2016 13:00

Palm oil in baby food

Today on the shelves of specialty stores can be found baby food, which contains in its composition of palm oil. At the same time, scientists have given ambiguous answers to questions about how the palm oil in infant formula affects the health of the child and whether it has flaws.

Researchers have found that 25% of all breast milk fat is palmitic acid. Its source in the infant formula is palm oil, which is now widely used in the diet. But here there is a difficulty: palmitic acid from palm oil digested much worse than palmitic acid from breast milk. Palmitic acid from palm oil binds with calcium in the intestine to form insoluble compounds which are derived from the body of the child with the feces. Therefore, children who are fed with palm oil mixtures, do not get enough fat and may have a calcium deficiency.

The study, which involved 128 infants, confirmed that palm oil in the composition of infant formula have a negative effect on bone mineralization. Children were divided into two groups: the first was allowed to mix with palm oil, and the second - no. In this case (except for the fat component) composition was the same power. At the beginning of the study in children identified mineral content and bone mineral density of her, and on the 3rd and 6th months of life children repeated measurements. Initial studies have different parameters, and then after 3 months from the first group of children (with palm oil blend) in the mineral content of bone tissue was lower than in children of the second group. After 6 months, the difference became even more znachitelnym. Similar data were obtained with respect to bone mineral density.

Results of an international study involving more than 7,000 children have shown that babies who are fed with a mixture of free palm oil was a regular chair, with a soft consistency, vomiting and cramps were observed less frequently than children who ate blends with palm oil.

Thus, despite the fact that the infant formula with palm oil composition close to breast milk, their effect on the child's body is ambiguous: it could lead to decreased bone mineralization and digestive difficulties. From this point of view, without a mixture of palm oil corresponding to the basic needs of toddlers first year of life, more optimal for baby food. One of the few of this kind are infant formulas Khorol Dairy Plant of baby food ( "Baby premium»), containing a unique combination of vegetable oils (high oleic sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil) without palm oil. This fatty acid composition has a positive effect on the absorption of calcium and digestion baby, reducing the frequency of regurgitation, colic and constipation. These mixtures are similar to mother's milk in its properties: they provide the child everything necessary for proper growth and development.

Kozachuk VG Palm oil in baby food / V.G.Kozachuk // Contemporary Pediatrics [, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, gl.pediatr magnetic memory, zaveduyusch.kafedry pediatrii№2 INGOs im.P.L .Schupika]. - 2012. - №3 (43). - P.30.

Intended for preparation of baby food and drink
Tuesday, 23 February 2016 08:50

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